From as early as the age of six, I had already shown a strong interest in the visual arts. Ever since, and throughout my studies at the Ecole Paul Colin, my life has been oriented toward the practice of drawing and painting. Afterwards for many years, I used this artistic knowledge to find work as a full-time commercial artist in Paris and later in Toronto. Since 1975, I’ve started to dedicate more and more time to my professional career in fine art.

After having exhibited my birch bark collages for many years, I’ve recently come back to my former favorite medium, painting in oils. I came to this decision out of a desire to discover new modes of expression, new techniques and to take advantage of the full spectrum of oil colors.The subtleties of the hues inherent in birch bark as well as its varied textures, awakened in me a greater sensitivity to nuance, which I have sought to bring to my newer work in oils.

It has always been important for me to experiment with different approaches to creative expression and I have found that painting in oils allows me much greater flexibility in this.

The human form is my favorite vehicle for expressing feeling, movement and state of mind. My work is often inspired by models that I have seen in public places or in shows such as Cirque du Soleil.

My work can be either semi-figurative or abstract. In the semi-figurative manner the subjects are stylized and modified in order to emphasize form and movement. On the other hand, my abstract works are the product of emotions felt in certain circumstances, which because of their complexity, I consider impossible to translate in a more representational way.